FOX Entertainment Writers Incubator
FOX Entertainment Writers Incubator

2023 FOX Entertainment Writers Incubator FAQs

To All Writers Prior To Submission:

PLEASE NOTE that during the course of the 2024 FOX Entertainment Writers Incubator, writers will be rewriting the scripts submitted during the course of the program.

Can I get feedback on my submission?

We cannot give individual feedback on every submission due to the high volume of applications.

When does the submission period close?

Friday January 19, 2024 at 11:59pm PST. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Do I need to remove my name on the cover page of the script?


In what format should I upload my script?


Will I receive email confirmation that my application has been received?


Can my script be WGA registered?


I’m a member/I’m not a member of the WGA. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply regardless of whether or not you are a WGA member.

I’ve received monetary compensation (in the form of a prize, staff salary, or option/deal) for my writing. Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes. Please note that you can still apply if you were at a Staff Writer level on no more than 1 season of a show.

When will I be notified if my script has advanced to the second round?

On or before April 1, 2024.

Does FWI conduct interviews?

FWI will conduct phone interviews with a small number of applicants to determine the final FWI class. You will be contacted directly by someone at FOX Entertainment if you are selected for a phone interview. Please DO NOT at any time reach out to FOX Entertainment or the FWI to gain insight into whether you have been selected for an interview, or to get status of the interview process.

Will you accept recommendation letters?

No. Writers who are finalists will need to have 2 people who will give their recommendations over the phone.

How heavily do you weigh bio, resume, synopsis, and personal statement (in short, anything other than the script)?

We evaluate all materials as a comprehensive whole that provides insight into who you are personally, creatively and professionally, and your likelihood to excel in the FWI program. Our goal is to find the most talented, diverse, creative, and unique storytellers.

What are the “2 additional original loglines” and why are they important?

We want to know that you have more than one original script idea! So show us what other ideas you’ve got simmering.

How many scripts can I submit?


Can I resubmit a script that was reviewed in prior years?

If you resubmit a script it must have changed by at least 75%. It is best to send new material so we can see how you have grown as a writer since your last submission.

If I’m chosen for the second round, can I submit a different script from the one I initially submitted?


Can I send revised versions of my full script after submitting during the second round?

No. The one you send is the one we will read. We will not accept additional revisions/edits of any kind, and any additional scripts sent to us will be discarded.

Do both members of a writing team need to file additional applications?

Please submit bios and resumes for each member of the writing team.

Can I hand deliver or mail my application materials?

No. All materials MUST be submitted electronically.

My script is not an original TV pilot scipt. Can I submit it anyway?

We will not accept any scripts that are not fully original. This means it must fully originate and be written by you. For example, do not submit a script that incorporates or builds off of existing intellectual property (please do not submit an alternative ending to an existing series or adapt a book). Scripts that have incorporated or relied on Generative Artificial Intelligence are also not accepted. Any non-original scripts will be discarded.

Can I submit a feature instead of a TV pilot script?

Please note that if you submit a feature you must explain in your Personal Statement how this idea would work as a series (not just as a pilot script).

Can I submit a short story instead of a TV pilot script?

We will not accept short stories, poetry, novels, research papers, etc.

Who owns the rights to the materials that I submit with my application for FWI and/or materials that I previously created?

Please carefully review the Submission of Materials – Release and Agreement and FWI Letter Agreement.

Who will review my submission?

Professional readers and FOX Entertainment executives.

I’m having technical issues with the application site. Who should I contact?


Must I reside in LA to participate in the FWI?

While you are not required to reside in Los Angeles, there may be in-person events or meetings in Los Angeles that you will be expected to attend as a participant in FWI.

Will I receive payment for participating in FWI?

No. You will not be entitled to and will not receive any wages, remuneration or financial benefits as compensation for the time spent as a participant in FWI. There will be an exchange for certain rights to the written materials submitted and created during the FWI program. Please refer to the FWI Letter Agreement for those rights.

If I am selected for FWI, will I be considered an employee of FOX?


If selected for FWI, will I be guaranteed a job as a staff writer?

No. Though past participants have staffed on shows, neither meetings nor staff writer positions are guaranteed. FWI participants will have an opportunity to meet with FOX Entertainment network and studio executives for staffing on FOX Entertainment shows.

How many writers are selected each year?

This year, 4 writers or writing teams.

What is the time commitment?

The FWI runs from April 2024 to July 2024. Writers are expected to refine and rewrite an original script during the course of the Lab. Class sessions are modeled after a “TV writers room,” and writers will be required to provide feedback, notes, and analysis on fellow writers’ scripts. Guest speaker sessions with showrunners, producers, executives, writers, and FWI alumni will be interspersed throughout the program. Additionally, there will be a mentorship component with FOX Entertainment executives serving as their direct contacts.

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