FAE Fastrack
FAE Fastrack

FAE Fastrack Initiative

Opportunity Overview

FOX Alternative Entertainment (FAE), the in-house unscripted studio of FOX Entertainment, is looking for passionate, talented and driven individuals with diverse and creative voices to participate in its FASTRACK Associate Producer initiative.

Formed in 2019 to oversee the production of THE MASKED SINGER, television's #1 unscripted series, FAE develops and produces alternative programming for the FOX Network, FOX Entertainment’s streaming service, Tubi, and third-party platforms. In addition to THE MASKED SINGER, FAE currently produces Gordon Ramsay’s newest cooking competition, NEXT LEVEL CHEF (with Studio Ramsay Global); I CAN SEE YOUR VOICE; ALTER EGO, the 2021-22 season’s #1 new unscripted program; JOE MILLIONAIRE: FOR RICHER OR POORER; CRIME SCENE KITCHEN (with Fly on the Wall Entertainment), Summer 2021’s #1 new series; THE MASKED DANCER; NAME THAT TUNE; as well as the upcoming DOMINO MASTERS, with Eric Stonestreet hosting.

FASTRACK, the highly selective and one-of-a-kind accelerated producers’ initiative, will select two to three candidates to join as associate producers on production teams across various FAE-produced shows, including THE MASKED SINGER. The initiative will give the FASTRACK associate producers valuable exposure to many facets of production, including the full-cycle casting process, tracking stories, and assisting field teams in capturing content, among other areas.

The year-long immersive program will provide the candidates with valuable on-the-ground, hands-on production experience, as well as guidance and advice throughout the experience, while working under the supervision of Senior Producers across various FAE-produced shows, as well as assist in the production of network television shows. This may be during pre-production, production and the post-production phases of an unscripted television show.

Upon successful completion of the program, FAE will have the opportunity to potentially engage FASTRACK associate producers to continue working on FAE-produced shows.

Applications for FASTRACK open in May. Search “ FAE” on the job search tab. Candidates for FASTRACK associate producer initiative should submit a cover letter and resume when the application becomes available.

A Snapshot of the FASTRACK Experience:

  • Working with experienced contestant and casting teams to learn full-cycle casting process
  • Tracking multiple narratives during the filming and post-production phases of unscripted television
  • One-on-one sessions with various teams within FOX Alternative Entertainment, including but not limited to, Business & Legal Affairs, Production, and Marketing and Publicity
  • Assisting field teams to capture content on location that will be used in show

What you Need:

  • Passion for the world of unscripted TV and a strong interest in learning about production
  • A positive, can-do attitude and you don’t shy away from responsibility
  • Strong project management and organizational skills
  • A love for collaboration and being a part of a team working towards producing the best show possible
  • Excellent problem-solving, responsiveness and communication skills
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